Por qué se ha vuelto tan popular publicar imágenes de personas desnudas en las redes

    Las modas están para seguirlas, o eso dicen. Son pasajeras en la mayoría de las ocasiones, pero algunas se quedan con nosotros más de lo esperado, por ello siempre es bueno estar el día de lo que se cuece a nuestro alrededor.

    La última moda es bastante curiosa y ha llegado de la mano de una cuenta de Yoga en la red social de Instagram.

    La moda que arrasa en Instagram

    El anónimo tras la popular cuenta de Instagram  @Nude_yogagirl ha creado una nueva moda que se está extendiendo por toda la red, después de pedir a sus seguidores que compartieran fotografías de ellos desnudos mientras hacían Yoga.

    Para ello, los valientes que se atreven a hacerlo tienen que usar el hashtag #NYGyoga y en muy poco tiempo ya se pueden encontrar una gran cantidad de publicaciones sobre este tema.

    ? My #NYGyoga challenge ? Trust my first ever yoga challenege to involve nudity and nature ?? Yoga teaches that our bodies are sacred. Gifts from nature given to carry us through this life ? .We are not our body we are our soul. Yoga means union, when we strive to live in union with our mind and our body we learn to accept ourselves and love the skin we are in ? a never ending journey. Thank you @nude_yogagirl for inspiring people to see the body as art – I have never practiced nude in this spot and it was one of the most incredibly freeing experiences ☄ #yoga #nudeyoga #yogachallenege #bluemountains #nature #yogi #yogaeveryday #australia #sunset #beautiful #landscape #flexible #strong #art #body #skinlove #NYG #inspire #wildwoman #freedom

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    La idea que esconde esta nueva moda es la de mostrarnos tal y como somos al mismo tiempo que se le da a nuestro cuerpo una gran importancia.

    One of my favorite movies is Pulp Fiction…it's like a cinematic jigsaw puzzle. I use to watch it over and over again trying to understand all the deep messages and meanings. For instance, did you know that Marcellus' soul was in the suitcase. Oh yeah, and it was removed from the back of his neck. Cut out by the devil himself. Yeah, so what do I do…I put a tattoo of the Gye Nyame on the back of my neck for protection. So if evil comes for me, it will know GOD guards the entrance to my soul. ? . . . . #thepleasuredmom #nakedyogatherapy #naked #nakedyogagoddess #nudeyoga #yogi #yogini #blackyogini #blackyogi #blackyogateacher #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeverywhere #yoga #blackgirlmagic #safelovedfree #nudeart #yogagirl #afrofitgirl #bodyscape #strongwoman #divine #human #gyenyame #igyogafamily #blackwomendoyoga #nygyoga

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    ¿Por qué haciendo yoga? Porque se trata de inspirar a los demás a cuidar de su cuerpo y a entender la belleza y el desnudo de una forma no-sexual.

    La cuenta que ha propuesto esta idea cuenta más de medio millón de seguidores y por ello ha sido fácil que se haya extendido la moda entre sus seguidores y conocidos.

    When I was younger I tried to make myself look shorter. At first when I was in primary school I was jelous of my tinier friends… They were so cute. People were lifting and holding them in their arms and it looked fun. I felt giant. Also at the same time I did team gymnastic and one year I didn't qualify for the team like all of my friends did and it was obviously the "first team". Nobody ever told me why but in my mind it was because I was too tall. I was one head taller than others in that team and because it's also an aesthetic sport, it would make the team unbalanced. ❤ Eventually boys came in the game… I was taller than all nice boys and I hated it. In particular in all discos where the dance was slow… I tried to have bad posture on purpose to look as short as possible. ❤ Until I started to do modelling I thought that I'm never going to be able to use high heels. That I'm too tall to enjoy beautiful shoes. (And in the "model world" I was hoping that I would be even taller!) ❤ It would have been nice to know at a young age that one day my height could and will be my strenght which I really like. At festival concerts I can see well over all the heads. I don't need chairs to get to the top closet. Etc. Now I'm proud and very grateful of my every centimeter. I just wanted to tell you how I struggled for many years with my height, if this can give hope to some who are in same situation. ? #NYGyoga

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    Estás fotografías están inspirando a muchas personas a animarse a hacer yoga y a aceptar su cuerpo tal y como es. ¿Te animas tú también? 

    One question once a week… What do you love most about yourself? ❤ #NYGyoga

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    No todo el mundo se atreve a unirse a esta moda… ¿Qué harás tú?

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